Student of the Month! Hunter!

posted Sep 5, 2014, 7:12 AM by

Which Hunter would I want on my team, Pence or Blair? Hunter Pence has a career batting average of .285. Hunter Blair's average on quizzes is over .985. Hunter Pence has the most awkward throwing style I have ever seen. Hunter Blair has a smile that lights up a classroom. Hunter Pence is on a paleo diet. Hunter Blair eats whatever he catches, whether it be salmon, halibut, or deer. Hunter Pence rides a scooter to the game. Hunter Blair most likely flies to school with his superpowers. Hunter Pence plays only one sport. Hunter Blair dominates all sports. Hunter Pence hasn’t missed a game in a long time. HunterBlair hasn’t missed a day of school in who knows when. Hunter Pence is a World Series champion and is the heart of the San Francisco Giants. Hunter Blair is the fastest runner and biggest heartthrob at Cobb Elementary School. So, who do I want on my team? Hunter Blair, of course, and he is our unanimous MVP.