Student of the Month: Maggie!

posted Oct 14, 2014, 5:13 PM by

Maggie Rodgers...perhaps she should be a model. I say this because not only is she a vision, but she is also a model for academic and social behavior. 

As the oldest in the family, she is a true big sister, being a great model to her sisters Bea and Daisy. She knows that she needs to demonstrate great behavior, so that her sisters will follow her lead. However, this is not a challenge for her; it simply is how Maggie rolls. She is a model.

With the introduction of the Common Core, many students are becoming frustrated with the struggle. Maggie understands that the struggle and rigor of the curriculum will eventually open new doors in her mind. Her writing is exceptional, and she always turns in a beautiful product. She'll be on the best-seller list in the near future. Maggie is an academic model. 

After school, she's kicking a ball around the soccer field or a member of our band, playing clarinet. During the day, you can see her as a member of the Recycling Club or participating in our student council. And can this girl sing! Maggie can be found singing "I'll Fly Away" or a number of songs from the Sound of Music. She is an essential part of the choir and Cobb School. 

Maggie Rodgers is Cobb's super model, and we are all thrilled to call her our Student of the Month.